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Breaking Free From Overwhelm

Have You Felt So Stressed & Overwhelmed As You Combine Work & Motherhood?

Then this course is for you to:
  • Recognise factors leading to overwhelm & reverse them
  • Use practical techniques to STOP feeling  overwhelmed & exhausted
  • Create more time for your wellbeing
  • ​And Lots More...

Powering Through Challenge

Are You Facing So Many Ups  & Downs That Are Keeping You Stuck In A Rut?

If so, this training will help you:
  • Identify obstacles & Use them as tools to move you forward
  • Take action even when you do not feel like you it
  • Create the system that works anytime you face a  challenge
  • ​And so much more...

STOP Burnout, Get Energy

Mothers, Is Burnout Causing You To Feel Drained & Exhausted?

Don't despair. This training will help you to:
  • Recognise signs of burnout before they become a problem
  • Eliminate stress factors leading to burnout
  • Identify energy blocks & learn to get more energy 
  • ​And Lots more...
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Dr. 'Dunni 

 Dr. ‘Dunni is the award winning mum empowerment coach, family doctor, and CEO of Druwa Academy, the platform where we help mothers step out of overwhelm, exhaustion & BURNOUT into the ENERGISED & EMPOWERED version of themselves by creating more time, energy and WELLBEING.

She is a global influencer, international speaker and best-selling author of the book, 'EVERY MUM IS A SUPERMUM: Breaking free from overwhelm & Exhaustion' and the Host of the Wellbeing 4 Mothers Show.

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Client Testimonials
"I participated in Druwa Academy’s ‘Super Mum Well-being Challenge’ hosted by Dr. Dunni. As a mom, minister, and business woman, I understand my well-being is of the essence. Dr. Dunni passionately delivered such great content with positivity, poise, and wisdom. She empowered me to recognize cyclical changes and how to balance my hormones naturally. This has been a game changer for me, and I’m very grateful."
Mary G.
"I’m glad that energy is contagious!! I had so much fun being part of Dr Dunni’s event. She brought together a very diverse group of experts that helped mom’s feel empowered in adding more energy into their day. Highly recommend."
Steph H.
"Dunni, your energy and passion are so infectious - and then add to that your skills and expertise in ways we can care for ourselves better so we can care for others better!!! Magic combination. Thank you for giving so much to help us Supermums know we are super and feel even more super. I wish you all the best in supporting mums around the world."
Sarah B.

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