Feeling low in energy?

Motherhood is beautiful but can be challenging
When you combine that with either a 9- 5 job or running a business, the exhaustion can be quite OVERWHELMING!!
The expectations do not seem to end...
Do you see that at the end of the day you still have so much left undone and you feel drained mentally, physically and emotionally?
Do you rely on coffee to keep you alert and that does not seem to work
You feel like you are going to drop something as you juggle the many balls.
If you are feeling stressed, tired, and overwhelmed? Know that you are not alone.

Some years ago, as a Mum just like you, I was working full time as a doctor and caring for my family and then something happened, I lost my father and the grief took a toll on me.
I found myself in a position where my physical, emotional, spiritual, mental wellbeing was in a nose dive to a crash zone. I was constantly exhausted and overwhelmed. I knew this could not continue for my sake and the sake of my children.
Following many hours of study, coaching, trial, and error, I was able to get up from that state of persistent exhaustion, poor sleep, unhealthy weight loss to be full of energy and zest for life. I have improved my overall wellbeing and continue to do so and you can do too.
This Training is aimed at helping Mothers ...

This training is a wake-up call for you to the fact that:
- Giving up is NOT an option
- Ill health is NOT an option,
- Getting your energy UP is not only possible but ATTAINABLE
I will show you how
...Be Free From Burnout
... Stress Less
... Get More Energy As A Mother...
...Using Simple Wellbeing practices.
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What Are People Saying...

I am so happy that I was invited to participate in this amazing Challenge! My Supermum and SuperNana powers have been ReCharged.
I love the high energy and clarity in which the host projected! Never a dull moment!
I recommend all Mums and (Nana’s) join in the next challenge! You will be super happy that you did!
- L. Shannon
Dr. Dunni Atalabi touch my heart, spirit and soul. She has inspired me to take action.
- A. Mallory
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